Monday, October 18, 2010

10 Things That I Hate The Most

  1. Angry

I do not like people that easy to angry and punish other people without thinking what they have been done. I also people that easy to angry but I try to control my self with any incoming problem.

  1. Nothing to do

If I am at home, I will help my father or go any where that I want and feel so bad if nothing that I can do because it waste my time. When I work, I will get money or things that I want.

  1. Cold

Cold places are something that I hate so much because when I went to the cold place, my body will become itch. I do not know why this happen.

  1. Using glasses

I hate when I need to use a glasses. This is so hard to me to take care for my glasses and limit to looking every where. Glasses also have many disadvantages to me.

  1. Disturb

I hate people who are disturbing me when I have a problem because when I have a problem, I need to think how to solve my problem. If someone come and heard my problem, I will share it. But if they come to disturb me, I will be angry or beat them.

  1. Crowded places

Places that are crowded also I hate. This is because I like a peaceful place that can help me to release my stress.

  1. Dirty

My roommates always scolded by me because they never want to manage their things at the places that were given. When I clean up the room, only two three days, the room become dirty. Because of that, in my room has a law and they need to learn.

  1. Insult my family

long time ago, my neighbor belittle my family because of use the old car. I am so proud with my father because he is so strong from whatever people say to him and his family. My father is also thinking before do something.

  1. To be formal

I hate formal situation because there are many protocol that need to be care. I feel like a bird in a cage. Everything that I want to do must be careful and cannot be free.

  1. Stingy

The last one is people who are stingy. I hate people like this because they never want to help people who are needed. If they in trouble, they ask other to help and they never think the past that they have done.

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